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National Seminar on "India Banking at the Crossroads - Challenge of Risk Management from Globalization to Financial Inclusion" 8th May, 2014

Technical Training Programme during Summer Vacation
May, 2014 -
June, 2014

Conference on "Innovative Technology for Sustainable Learning : An Introspection"

26th April, 2014

One Day State Level Conference on "Innovative Technology for Sustainable Learning: An Introspection"
26th April, 2014

Adventure Camp for the Underprivileged Children

22nd April, 2014

Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai, with Mr. Ramdasji Athawale, M.P. in the college

21st April, 2014

Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights Awareness

7th April, 2014 and
9th April, 2014

One day National Level Seminar on Re-Envisioning Education with Smart Skills

7th April, 2014

Summer Sports Coaching Camps for Childrens

1st April, 2014 -
30th May, 2014

Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus (A) team won Pillai Staff Cricket League - Season-2
30th March, 2014

Demonstration on Automobile Powertrain

19th March, 2014 -
20th March, 2014

T-GEMBA Program from Saint Mary's School, California, USA
17th March, 2014 -
22md March, 2014

One Day Seminar on Career Planning after Diploma

1st March, 2014

One Day Seminar on Living A Powerful Life for Being an Entrepreneur

24th February, 2014

Pillai Polytechnic Alumni Meet 2014

22nd February, 2014

Technophillia 2014 - Inter Polytechnic Technical Competition
21st February, 2014 -
22nd February, 2014

Tech Streams 2014 -
A National Conference
21st February, 2014 -
22nd February, 2014

Abhishek laurel National glory for Pillai in Kick Boxing

Seminar on Special Features of CNC Machines

13th February, 2014

Industrial Visit to Akash Steel Crafts Pvt. Ltd.

11th February, 2014

PCACS - Udaan Fest

4th February, 2014

Ayonika Paul has been honored with the prestigious Shiv Chhatrapati Award

PHCASC - Blood Donation Camp

4th February, 2014

Career Fair on Wheels - 2014

28th January, 2014 -
29th January, 2014

Alegría - The Festival of Joy

28th January, 2014 -
1st February, 2014

Uber Rang 2014

25th January, 2014

Community Service Day 2014

25th January, 2014

PCACS - Street Play by Biotechnology Department

24th January, 2014

PCACS - SUDOKU Competition

22nd January, 2014

Seminar on "Human Trafficking"

21st January, 2014

Annual Day of HOCL School

18th January, 2014

Rhythm 2013-14 - Polytechnic Annual Day

17th January, 2014

Convocation Ceremony for PGDM and EMBA students

16th January, 2014

8th Maharashtra State Inter-University Research Convention "Avishkar"
16th January, 2014 -
18th January, 2014

Seminar on "Financial Planning and Wealth Management"

16th January, 2014

Alegría GOES VIRAL! Flash Mob

14th January, 2014

Techmatrix - A Technical Fest

13th January, 2014 -
20th January, 2014

State Level Inter Collegiate Short Story Writing Competition 2013-2014

12nd January, 2014

Pillai HOC Campus Sports Meet 2013-14

10th January, 2014 -
11th January, 2014

One Day Seminar on Living A Powerful Life for Being an Entrepreneur

10th January, 2014

Soft Skill Seminar titled "Campus to Corporate"

9th January, 2014

MIS - CBSE Sports Day 2013 - 14

4th January, 2014

Two Week ISTE Workshop on "Signals and Systems"

2nd January, 2014 -
12th January, 2014

MSAS shines at Marshal Arts (Wushu) State Meet

2nd January, 2014 -
8th January, 2014

Gopal Mhatre made it into the National Karate Squad

28th December, 2013 -
29th December, 2013

One Day Training Programme on Using Web 2.0 Tools
22nd December, 2013

Seminar on "Maths Puzzles and Logic"

16th December, 2013

Industrial Visit to Kerala of B.Sc. and M. Sc. Biotechnology students
10th December, 2013 -
16th December, 2013

Consortia 2013

7th December, 2013

PCACS won the Bronze Medal in the Mumbai University Inter Collegiate Handball Tournament
5th December, 2013

PCACS - NSS Students visited Jyothis Care Centre

3rd December, 2013

International Conference on "Sustainable Management Practices"

30th November, 2013

PCACS - Seminar on Sex Education

30th November, 2013

Riya Pillai hunts the Gold for Mumbai University in West Zone Inter-varsity Badminton Championship

Pillai's Entry in to The University Boxing with a Gold and Bronze

Winners of MES Inter Institutions Rifle Shooting Championship

29th November, 2013

Winners of MES Inter School Table Tennis Tournament at DPGA, New Panvel
22nd November, 2013

Pillai HOC Athletes, Tousif Shaikh, Vishal Lokhare & Diptesh Utekar shines at State School Athletics Meet
12th - 14th November, 2013

HOC International School Triumph Mumbai Division School Volleyball Championship
22nd - 25th October, 2013

Tejas Karle hit the Bullseye at Tehran, Iran in The Asian Rifle Shooting Championship
18th - 26th October, 2013

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